We designed to meet the need of customers’ requirements accordingly to the type and size of the product in order to get the best quality products after freezing. Our company follows the Europe and America standards. Our strong wind freezer can cool up to -45°C and takes less time to freeze, more convenient, cheaper than other products. We also have a freezer room for you to be able to test the product before actually installing. The freezer rooms that are designed and installed by our company can be maintained easily with low maintenance cost.

Air Blast Freezer (Windy Freezer)

  • We customized the design to suit the products that will be frozen in the room to provide the highest quality product with short amount of time for freezing.Our company has a free testing room for the customers to test their products before actually installing.
  • The Air Blast Freezer room is a room with special design, unlike normal cold rooms.If the designer does not understand the product properly, it can cause many problems with frozen products such as the products are not hard enough or have poor quality. Therefore, a good Air Blast Freezer room must be designed accordingly to each type of product.
  • The company designs a wide range of Air Blast rooms from -35oC to -50o To provide the highest quality products and save electricity bills, we also have a wide range of refrigerants such as R404a, R507, and Ammonia (NH3).