Uniwall Insulation Panel

“Uniwall” prefabricated cold room walls are manufactured from polystyrene foam sheets and polyurethane foam sheets which have good cold storage properties. Our PU sandwich panels also have low water absorption rate, fire safety and are safe to use in many purposes such as

  • Used to make a cold storage room for varieties of product.
  • To make into a longan panel
  • Used in pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
  • Used in a fumigation room
  • Used as a seed germination test chamber (Growth Chamber)
  • Used to make a cold storage container safe for food.

The sheets from “Uniwall” are made from very high quality cold-rolled steel with thickness of 0.4 mm (BMT). We use zinc as base coat to prevent rust and use polyester paint as a final coating. “Uniwall” sheets do not contain heavy metal residues such as arsenic, lead and cadmium which allow users to be confident that they can be used for storing food safely with GMP standards.