Our Cold rooms are designed and installed in accordance to engineering principles and  International standards such as AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HEATING, REFRIGERANT AND AIR-CONDITIONING ENGINEERS (ASHRAE), INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF AMMONIA REFRIGGERATION (IIAR) and we are also a member of the THAI REFRIGERATION ASSOCIATION. These standards are used in the design of our products. The company uses computer software for precise calculation, especially for each type of product such as


  • Prefabricated Cold Storages with customized dimensions
  • Quality chillers with temperature between -35°C to +16°C (Refrigeration Systems)
  • Other cooling systems as needed. (Refrigeration Designed and Built to Requirements) such as

Cold storage room for all vegetables and fruits (Produces Storage)

Cold room with high relative humidity and low humidity room for humidity (Humidity Control Storage)

Meat Cold Storage, Food Cold Storage, Vegetable Cold Storage, Bread Flour (Meats, Foods, Vegetables, Dough Storage)


Cold Storage Flammable Chemicals Storage

Food Packing Cold Room

Fruit Juices Storage

  • We can accept requests for installation and design of prefabricated cold room using high quality European coolers
  • Cold room temperatures between -45°C to +15°C
  • Cold room can have high relative humidity for storing vegetables, fruits, and flowers
  • Cold room can have low relative humidity for storing seeds, dried chilies, fragrance, dried garlic
  • Special cold room with temperature control ± 5 ° C
  • Production room for packing and manufacturing products for export in accordance with European and American standards.
  • For high standards and quality, we use our company’s installation team, no outsourcing used
  • There are a variety of sizes to choose from for any purpose.
  • There is a portable cold room for sale (can be moved using a 6 wheel vehicle).
  • Fast installation and service nationwide. Can use a variety of reagents including R-22, R-134a, R-404a, R-507, R-510.



With experience and expertise in building cold storage both at home and abroad, resulting in the company being the number one expert in cold room design and being able to design and build cold rooms according to the needs of users. Our products can also save on electricity bills, resulting in reduced costs of the products that are stored in the cold rooms, which are definitely lower than those of all competitors. “INTER KOOL” is designed and built according to ASHRAE standards (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers) and the Thai Refrigeration Association. We have also sent engineers for training in design and installation in Germany on many occasions to continually add new knowledge and methods for further improvement of cold storage products

The company designs various types of cold rooms such as

  • Vegetable cold storage, fruit cold storage
  • Cold room for storing dried peppers, dried onions or regular onions
  • Cold storage room for seafood
  • Chemical cold storage room (explosion proof)
  • Cold storage of seeds
  • Cold rooms (produce products) temperature at +15oC
  • Mobile cold room