The company is a distributor and provides installation with a wide selection of leading cooling systems with temperatures ranging from +18 to -40 degrees Celsius. All of our products are imported from Europe such as compressors from Germany, cold coils from Germany and Italy, control valves from Denmark, and equipment from the United States. So you can be confident that your chiller will be highly efficient and can be used for a long time with low maintenance cost. And we also have a service team.

Refrigeration “INTER KOOL”

We design chiller as per requirement by our customers. The temperature can be designed from +15oC to -45oC depending on the products that will be stored in the room. The company has imported products from foreign countries such as

  • Compressor from Germany
  • Cooling coils from Italy, Germany
  • Valves from Italy, Denmark
  • Copper tube from South Korea
  • Electrical equipment from Germany

Customers can be confident with the quality of the chillers and cold rooms. “INTER KOOL” provide highest quality and can help saves electricity bills. We have a wide range of refrigerants from R22, R404a, R507 and Ammonia (NH3) depending on customers’ usage.