Our Intercooling Design company has many different types of cold room and a lot of them are not common in the market. As many customers contact us about unique types of customized cold rooms, we already gathered information about all types of cold storage that we have produced, designed and installed for the customers’ convenience. By doing so, customers will be able to know all the basic information in short time and have all the questions answered. Our company is also suitable for those who want to know about step by step preparation before beginning the installation process. Also, our engineering team is ready to provide information and consultations about what type of cold room will be best suited for the customers’ products depending on budget to make sure that our customers will have best quality products with reasonable price.

Cold room for storing fresh fruit and vegetables (Chilled Room).

The chill room is generally room temperature of +4oC to 0oC and in some rooms, it may be controlled with relative humidity to suit the type of fruits and vegetables. Normally, the room size ranges from smallest size of 2 meters wide, 3 meters long, 2.5 meters high to larger size of 20 meters wide, 30 meters long and 9.0 meters high. They are mainly used in the export and import industry of vegetables and fruits. In Chilled room various type of Freon (R22, R134a., R404a) refrigerants are mainly used.

Cold room for storing frozen food (Cold Room)

Cold Room uses the temperature from -18oC to -25oC to slow the growth of microbes in the food and makes it possible to store for a long time. Normally if the product has been frozen and kept in this room, it will be able to be stored for a maximum of 2 years. This type of cold room will have significant use in the fishery and livestock industry. The cold rooms are usually quite large and some of which are 50-60 meters long with 9.0 meters high. Both Freon (R22, R404a, R507) and Ammonia (NH3) can be used.

Freezer room (Air Blast Freezer)

Freezer room (Air Blast Freezer) is a very important room in various meat processing industries. This room will change the condition from fresh products to a high quality frozen product by preventing the cells in the meat from tearing and keeps the flexibility of meat to be similar to before freezing condition. If we keep the fresh products or meat to freeze in a cold room of around -20oC, the cells of the product or meat will tear and look unattractive. Normally, the Air Blast Freezer room has temperatures from -35oC to -50oC. Either Freon (R404a, R507) or Ammonia (NH3) can be used.

Cold room for processing line (Processing room)

Processing room is a room with temperature controlled at +16oC to +20oC and controls the quantity of Carbon dioxide in the room as well. This room has staffs working inside so it must be designed to be suitable as working environment. Liquid Freon (R22, R134a) or Brine is mostly used.

Cold storage room for seeds (Growth Chamber)

Growth Chamber is used for testing germination rate of seeds for various plants such as corn seeds, vegetable seeds, and flower seeds. Our company has designed a growth chamber that is suitable for testing all types of seeds with adjustable controls according to:

  1. Room temperature
  2. Relative humidity in the room
  3. Lighting level in the room that can be controlled 24 hours a day.Easy to use and can save electricity bills. Also, low maintenance and most importantly, a lot cheaper than from other foreign countries.

Fumigation Room

In Thailand, when trying to export products to other countries, people face a lot of problems relating to insects and insect eggs which may stick to the fruits and vegetables. Therefore, our company has invented the fumigation room which can use a variety of fumigation products such as Phosphine and Methylbromide. In order to fumigate safely and use easily, we provide a good leak test before the customer start using the room. This ensures no leakage problem and customers will be able to use with confidence. And our company has also exported fumigation rooms to foreign countries as well. Fumigation rooms from our company are easy to install, cheap and cost effective.