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Cold Room

Inter Cooling Design
We are a leading company and manufacturer of high quality cold rooms. Our company is founded by a Thai engineering team with many decades of experience in building cold storage rooms which can save energy and help conserve the environment. By supporting innovative and developing products with lots of research, our products provide higher performance and efficiency. Also, we are ready to provide service accordingly to all our customers’ needs. Our team is formed by many talented engineers who are committed to utilizing up to date technology and development. Before building a cold room, we use modern computer system that helps with designing every steps in order to make sure we deliver the best quality product that is worth the customers’ investment on our company.

We use high quality materials for all the Cold storage that we designed for all our customers . Our engineer team is also ready to give advice by giving suggestions and explaining all the questions customers may have. And we have ready-made cold rooms for sale at reasonable price. We believe that paying attention to the quality of our cold rooms is the key before delivering to the customer in order for the customers to use the cold room efficiently. We also have a service team waiting to serve 24 hours a day, without holiday. Cold room maintenance service can be completed within 1 business day and we look forward to giving our customers fastest and best service possible.

To be a leading company in quality development .To build all kind of cold rooms and provide all types of up to date refrigeration system which focus on energy saving (Green Design) technology to help conserve our environment.

• For customers to be able to check the price of cold rooms and discuss all the questions customers have before installation.
• To design and build the best quality cold room according to customer needs.
• To provide cold room maintenance service that can complete within 24 hours.
• To distribute high quality refrigeration products with reasonable price